• Langeman Consulting

    Leveraging People, Processes and Technology to thrive amidst change

  • Our Approach

    It's not about technology.


    But, technology is a big part of getting things done. And, that's often where people struggle in making sense of all the options that are available and won't hurt your brain or blow your budget.


    We work with organizations to balance the reliance on people, processes and technology to implement solutions that are the best fit for the circumstances.

  • What We Do

    Project Consulting

    • Project management
    • Grant proposal writing, budgets, annual reports
    • Interviewing, benchmarking
    • Marketing newsletters, conference materials
    • Operational support - metrics, websites, events

    Technology Consulting

    • Identify and assess potential technology solutions and approaches
    • Plan, cost, implement, provide training for and manage technology-based solutions
    • Vendor selection
    • Subcontractor management

    IT Services for Associations

    • Manage software configuration, upgrades and installs
    • Software training
    • Manage websites and software applications
    • Newsletters, email marketing
    • Membership management

    Data Research & Analysis

    • Operational and project metrics capture, analysis and reporting
    • Citation analysis
    • Data visualizations
  • Who We Are

    I'm Jane Langeman and my goal is to be your trusted advisor for getting things done.

    My vast experience in implementing projects across organizations large and small enables me to assess your goals, scope out your options and implement solutions that work today and tomorrow.


    It's only natural to keep doing what has worked for you in the past. But, what happens whe it suddenly stops working or becomes so hard to do it just hurts? It's time to grow your skills. I help people learn in ways comfortable to them so that that they feel the excitement of accomplishment instead of the fear of failure.


    Processes matter because if you complete something once, it may have been due to luck. If you can repeat your success, it means you have developed processes that enable you to move on to the next great idea without having to remember what you did yesterday or last month or last year.


    What do you do when websites and tools change every time you look at them? You work with people who triage the technology landscape to implement solutions that enable your success, not frustrate it.

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